viernes, 9 de abril de 2010

Redesigning the Boarding Pass - Journal - Boarding Pass / Fail

Me parece muy interesante como esta bloguero describe su proceso de re-diseño para algo tan curioso como un ticket de avión

Revelador sobre cómo diseñamos y lo que en algunos trabajos que publiqué dimos en llamar "diseño híbrido" (por el afortunado balance analógico - digital)

This all started on a recent flight aboard a Delta Airlines plane. I was heading back from New York where I had met up with fellow designer Dustin Curtis. If you are not aware of Dustin's take on American Airlines, go read this. Anyway, I was inspired by Dustin and his attitude towards shittily designed things, to say the least. I was bored so I started rummaging through my stuff trying to find something to read when I grabbed my boarding pass. So I stared at it for a while. Rubbed my eyes, then stared at it some more.

It was like someone put on a blindfold, drank a fifth of whiskey, spun around 100 times, got kicked in the face by a mule (the person who designed this definitely has a mule living with them inside their house) and then just started puking numbers and letters onto the boarding pass at random (yes, I realize that a human didn't lay this out, if a human had, judging by the train-wreck of design, they would have surely used papyrus). There was nothing given size or color importance over anything else, it was a mess.