jueves, 29 de abril de 2010

ArchiCAD Interactive Training Guides

"Welcome to ArchiCAD's Interactive Training Program. This Program is composed of a series of easy to use and fun Interactive Training Guides (ITG) that help users learn by doing. These interactive training modules are intended to expand your ArchiCAD knowledge in broad range of topics. To get the best interactive results, we recommend you install ArchiCAD and complete the exercises with the help of the narrated movie clips."
The following interactive ArchiCAD training modules are available:
  1. ArchiCAD Collaboration Part 1 (ArchiCAD Teamwork) - Learn ArchiCAD's Teamwork 2.0 concept.
  2. ArchiCAD Collaboration Part 2 (Collaboration Techniques) - Learn further Collaboration techniques.
  3. Experience BIM - An introductory training guide for a BIM.
  4. ArchiCAD Essentials - Learn core architectural design, design-development and documentation.
  5. Advanced Modeling - Advanced modeling training for ArchiCAD.
  6. Building Objects Creation - Learn GRAPHISOFT GDL Object Technology concept.
  7. Advanced Collaboration - Overview of the collaboration techniques of ArchiCAD.