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100 Informative Twitter Feeds for Architecture Students | Construction Management Degree

@adrianbonet RT @jbonet: "100 Informative Twitter Feeds for Architecture Students"

"While you're studying to become an architect why not learn about what's happening right now in the world of architecture? You can follow the feeds of news outlets, organizations, and even successful architects themselves. Here, you'll find 100 of the most informative Twitter feeds you can find as an architecture student.

News & Trends

Follow these feeds, and you will be kept up to date on what's happening in architecture."
  1. @worldarchnews: World Architecture News covers industry information and project news.
  2. @NewsArch: Find architectural news, projects, competitions, and more on @NewsArch.
  3. @archpaper: Architects Newspaper shares news from New York, California, the Midwest, and beyond.
  4. @myarchn: Rafael continues the conversation from MyarchN's community.
  5. @HistoricShed: Jo-Anne Peck writes about preservation, architecture, and green building.
  6. @COOLHAUS: COOLHAUS makes architecture digestible.
  7. @ArchitectsJrnal: Learn about British architecture from Architects' Journal.
  8. @AzureMagazine: Azure Magazine covers design, architecture, and art.
  9. @dwell: Follow the Dwell team through @dwell.
  10. @freshome: @freshome will keep you on top of home trends.
  11. @archiCentral: @archiCentral shares architecture news daily from Sydney.
  12. @architectmag: Architecture Magazine covers the business, technology, and culture of architecture and related industries.
  13. @ArchRecord: Architectural Record offers architecture design for architects.
  14. @wallpapermag: Wallpaper* is all about news on design, interiors, fashion, art, and lifestyle.
  15. @SurfaceMag: Surface Mag covers all things in design, fashion, and architecture.
  16. @DesignObserver: DesignObserver is all about writings on design and culture.
  17. @ArchitectureAU: Architecture AU is Australia's leading architecture magazine.
  18. @amandakhurley: Amanda Hurley is the executive editor of Architect Magazine.
  19. @archimag: @archimag is an architectural magazine on the net.
  20. @BuildingSite: @BuildingSite is all about construction news.
  21. @Dezeen: @Dezeen is an architecture and design magazine.
  22. @archdaily: David Basulto tweets about architecture every day.
  23. @AR_at_large: Get inspiration for new architecture from Architectural Review.
  24. @MetropolisMag: Metropolis is the magazine of architecture and design.
  25. @Archinnovations: @Archinnovations is an online architecture magazine about great projects, news, and events in architecture.
  26. @ArchitecPassion: You can follow your architecture passion with news from this feed.
  27. @AusDesignReview: Find an online architecture and design resource in this magazine and architectural review.
  28. @bagnese: Braulio Agnese is a senior editor at Architect Magazine.
  29. @archvideo: Follow this feed to find architecture videos.
Get access to useful architecture resources through these Twitter feeds.
  1. @alaindebotton: Alain de Botton is an architecture writer.
  2. @arkinet: @arkinet is a social network, blog, and collection of services for the architecture community.
  3. @artcity: Mart Louise Schumacher is an art and architecture critic at the Journal Sentinel in Milwaukee.
  4. @archforhumanity: Architecture for Humanity shares architecture for communities in need.
  5. @competitionline: You'll learn about architecture competitions from this Twitter feed.
  6. @designerpages: Designer Pages is a network for architects and designers to find, manage, and share products.
  7. @Archispeak: Hugh Pearman observes buildings and occasionally writes about them.
  8. @imadnaffa: This engineer offers resources for codes and regulations.
  9. @ArchitectsPro: Check out ArchitectsPro for tweets about architecture careers.
  10. @kieranlong: Kieran Long is an architecture critic in London.
  11. @buildingsource: @buildingsource encourages building industry firms to reach their full potential.
  12. @thedesignvote: Find a daily ballot on design objects through @thedesignvote.
  13. @elliswoodman: Ellis Woodman is the architecture critic of the Daily Telegraphs and Building Design.
Follow the lives and work of these architects.
  1. @wjmarchitect: William J. Martin covers econo-functional aesthetic balance.
  2. @cast_architect: CAST is an architectural design practice in Dublin.
  3. @architectderek: Derek Leavitt is focused on modern design.
  4. @WrightArchitect: Read about Frank Lloyd Wright's life, work, and influence through this feed.
  5. @ArchitectureCo: The Architecture Co is "doing something great."
  6. @endlessCities: Tomas is an architect interested in sustainability, digitalization, web 2.0, and more.
  7. @ProsserArch: Prosser Architects writes about architecture that promotes green design.
  8. @emk_architect: E M Kaplan is an architect in Florida.
  9. @upyourarch: Up Your Architecture is a designer from Minnesota working on the Gulf Coast housing situation.
  10. @JCJarchitecture: JCJ Architecture works to integrate the business and art of design.
  11. @hyde_architects: This architecture practice is passionate and progressive.
  12. @HMCArchitects: HMC Architects believes that design can change the world.
  13. @marshragland: Marsh Ragland pushes the limits of social networking in construction.
  14. @archimania: @archimania discusses innovative, collaborative architecture and interior design.
  15. @hpdArchitecture: Laura Davis is an architect and admirer of old buildings.
Here you can get connected with useful architecture organizations.
  1. @aialobbyist: Find out the latest in architecture politics from @aialobbyist.
  2. @BuildingMuseum: The National Building Museum is all about architecture and related industries.
  3. @AIAStateAffairs: AIA State Affairs supports AIA policies and positions on a variety of issues.
  4. @AIAInterior: This Twitter feed features posts from the AIA Interior Architecture Committee.
  5. @CenterForArch: Here you'll find tweets from the Center for Architecture and the AIA New York Chapter.
  6. @AIANational: AIA National connects the global community of AIA-member architects.
  7. @RIBAEducation: Stay on top of news and information from the Royal Institutes of British Architects.
  8. @aiacae: Here you'll find the AIA Committee on Architecture for Education.
  9. @AIA_Advocacy: Learn about architecture advocacy from Paul Mendelsohn.
  10. @ArchiStudent: Follow an architecture student's story on this Twitter feed.
  11. @MHBuildingBooks: Learn about McGraw-Hill construction, architecture, and civil engineering books from this feed.
  12. @archiCULTURE: Check out @archiCULTURE to follow 5 architecture thesis students.
  13. @mhconstruction: Read about construction from this educational book house.
  14. @RIBA: RIBA covers activities and exhibitions at the Royal Institute of British Architects.
  15. @chiarchitecture: Learn about the Chicago Architecture Foundation on this feed.
Study design through these Twitter feeds.
  1. @dinet: Check out Design Intelligence for trends, strategies, and research in design.
  2. @designtavern: Get inspired by this art and architecture blog.
  3. @dsgnWrld: Follow propagate design for design, architecture, furniture, and more.
  4. @DesignMuseum: Read the tweets of one of the world's leading contemporary design museums here.
  5. @designmilk: Design Milk is dedicated to modern design.
  6. @homedesigning: Home Designing offers inspirational interior design ideas.
  7. @designboom: Check out this feed to see instant updates from the designboom team.
  8. @materialicious: Follow @materialicious to get inspired and promote your stuff.
  9. @styleture: @styleture covers architecture, interior design, and more.
  10. @dornobdesign: Read @dornobdesign to find dynamic designs and new ideas daily.
  11. @ModernEcho: ModernEcho is a social community for the design-savvy.
  12. @Interior_Design: Here you'll find the magazine for the interior design professional marketplace.
  13. @luxuryinteriors: Laura Bielecki discusses interior design and LEED.
  14. @DesInFlow: @DesInFlow helps to connect and integrate the design world.
Here you can learn about sustainable architecture.
  1. @greensourcemag: GreenSource is all about sustainable design, green building, and LEED projects.
  2. @MyGreenPalette: My Green Palette offers green and sustainable design and building information for architects and interior designers.
  3. @jetsongreen: @jetsongreen is obsessed with green building.
  4. @ecostructure: Eco-Structure examines design excellence in the built environment.
  5. @ericcoreyfreed: Eric Corey Freed is a green architect and author.
  6. @new_urbanism: New Urbanism promotes an ecological and technological approach to building communities.
  7. @Arch4HumanityND: Based in New Delhi, Architecture for Humanity believes in humanitarian solutions through sustainable design.
City Building
Check out these feeds for an education in creating cities.
  1. @Infrastructurst: The Infrastructurist discusses the rebuilding of America.
  2. @archop: @archop responds to the need for an improved built environment in Fresno, CA.
  3. @fluctuatingcity: Jean Richer writes about architecture, urban design, and town planning.
  4. @urbandata: Design New Haven is all about urban affairs, design, governance, and beyond.
  5. @thisbigcity: Read about 21st century cities on This Big City.
  6. @Urbanverse: Cindy FrewenWuellner is a writer exploring city futures.
  7. @urbanbydesign: Deena Parham is an urban planner in New York.