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Real Life Flintstones House Lures Tourists in Portugal : TreeHugger « ArquitecturaS

Real Life Flintstones House Lures Tourists in Portugal : TreeHugger « ArquitecturaS:
"In the montains of Fafe, Portugal.

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Its a bit of a shame that the easiest way to describe this magnificent structure requires reference to a cartoon from the 1960s, but the way in which it incorporates its natural setting defies most conventional description. Located in the Fafe mountains of northern Portugal, A Casa do Penedo, or “the House of Stone,” was built between four large boulders found on the site. Although the house may seem rustic, it is not lacking in amenities, which include a fireplace and a swimming pool–carved out of one of the large rocks. But, as word has spread, the sleepy little house has had visitors venturing to see it in droves.

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Un caso similar, aunque menos “puesto en escena” y con más sabor rural, de este lado de la frontera: Bolos en Galicia

El paisaje granitico de la serra do Xurés nos ofrece pueblos donde las formaciones rocosas forman parte


Las rocas graniticas del pueblo da Cela

Población: A Cela. Provincia: Ourense. Región: Galicia

DISTANCIA: 1000 metros. DIFICULTAD: baja. DESNIVEL: 4 metros
CARTOGRAFIA: Folleto turistico Ayuntamiento de Lobios
COTA MAXIMA: 774 metros. COTA MINIMA: 770 metros

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